Undocumented option for Static List of Values

Did you know that the STATIC and STATIC2 keyword used to define Static List of Values for Oracle Application Express (APEX) contains an undocumented option?

The online help documents the usage with

STATIC[2]:Display Value[;Return Value],Display Value[;Return Value]

But what to do if one of your values contains the semi colon or the comma in the text? You will get a problem with the predefined separators!

In such a case you can use

STATIC[2](lov-entries-sep,display-return-sep):Display Value[<display-return-sep>Return Value]
<lov-entries-sep>Display Value[<display-return-sep>Return Value]

For example:

STATIC2(~,*):Cat, Dog*1~Nemo, Shark*2

Remote debugging of an Oracle APEX application

may08_ocover.gifIf you ever wanted to remote debug the PL/SQL code which is called during execution of an Oracle APEX application, then have a look at the May/June issue of the Oracle Magazine. David Peake wrote an article titled The Power of Two on how to use SQL Developer to do that. On the German Oracle APEX Community Web-Site you will find a similar how-to in German.

Update: In Oracle APEX 3.1.1 there will be a new debug mode called REMOTE to enable remove debugging in Oracle APEX without having to modify the application. See the related posting on the OTN Forum.

Oracle APEX: Got a 404 Not Found?

Maybe you also already got the 404 Not Found error message

The requested URL /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept was not found on this server.

when you submit an Oracle APEX page, …

There are a lot of reasons why this error can occur. But the above error message doesn’t tell you a lot about the root cause of the problem. The real error message can be found on your Apache Web server in the Apache\Apache\logs\error_log.xxxxx file. There you will find and entry like
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