No update for the next 3 weeks

Just to let you know: There will be no update for the next 3 weeks, because I’m on vacation far far away 🙂

So I will probably miss the release of Oracle APEX 3.1, but if you want to be informed as soon as it is available, I would suggest to subscribe to the Oracle APEX 3.1 Beta program, because David Peake (product manager of APEX) has promised to inform all participants as soon as it is available.


Thanks Anthony!

Anthony Rayner was so nice to have a look and send me corrections for the documentation of my recently released Oracle APEX Builder Plugin. I also have updated the documentation to make it more clear what the pre-requirements are to be able to open the “APEX Builder Plugin Settings” dialog.

The updated documentation can be found in the new 1.9.1 release. If you already have installed the plugin, you don’t have to upgrade. The Plugin itself hasn’t changed.

Thanks again Anthony for you help I really appreciate that!

Oracle APEX Builder Plugin v1.9 release!

The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is a productivity and usability enhancement tool for the development environment of Oracle Application Express (APEX).

It integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 & 7 to put a wealth of new features to your favorite development tool. The good news is, it’s Open Source and you can use it for free!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, have a look at the newly designed project homepage to read about all the enhancements it adds to the Oracle APEX Builder! Continue reading

More Translations for Oracle Application Express?

Joel Kallman, the Software Development Senior Manager for Oracle APEX has raised the question: Should Oracle Application Express be translated into other languages?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) currently comes with built-in support for 10 languages. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it with other languages, too. You always have the possibility to translate the system generated messages into the language you want to use for your application. I think with the last release (3.0) all of this text strings are now translatable.

If everybody is happy, why the question?

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Building Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX 3.1

In the newest issue of Oracle Magazine, David Peake has written an article about Building Interactive Reports. “The” new feature of the upcoming Oracle APEX 3.1.

If you haven’t looked at the beta yourself, this article is a good chance to get some more details about this exciting new feature of Oracle APEX.

BTW David, reading the article someone could have the impression that it was planned to have a released Oracle APEX 3.1 when the article is published. I just say: “Deadlines” in the software industry… 😉

For more Oracle APEX 3.1 coverage read:

New Features in Oracle APEX 3.1 – update of Evaluation Instance

The beta testers have been informed that the Evaluation Instance of Oracle APEX 3.1 has been refreshed last Friday. Looks like that I was lucky with my The undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1 posting, because without knowing it I was already working on the new version.

But there is more new stuff, which I didn’t discover. Read the announcement mail from the APEX team.
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Undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1

The Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3.1 Beta contains a lot more new features than just the Interactive Report Region. Some of the additional features like enhanced wizards, new themes, runtime installation, attachments for mails, … are mentioned in the Evaluation Feedback Application.

But actually there are a lot new properties in the existing features which are “undocumented”….

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