17 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss ODTUG Kaleidoscope this year!

The agenda of the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 conference has just been released and it looks like that Oracle Application Express (APEX) has a massive presence at this conference.

On Sunday there is a full day symposium about The Seasoning of Application Express Must Hear Success Stories and during the conference there are counted 17 presentations regarding Oracle APEX.

I compiled a list of them and what I have read in the abstracts, they look really promising, but see for yourself.
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Integrating a Slider Control into Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) doesn’t come with a built-in Slider Control widget, but it’s quite easy to integrate one of the existing Javascript libraries like the Tigra Slider Control. See there example page 1 and page 2 for how the sliders can look like. But you can also use your own images for the slider.

What are the steps to integrate it?

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Should you consider Apache 2.0 for an Oracle APEX installation?

Just read a very interesting posting by Joel Kallman, titled Oracle HTTP Server, Apache 2.0 and connection pooling. Before Oracle 11g, mod_plsql was just available for Apache 1.3 which had one big drawback on Unix systems. Apache 1.3 just supports a process model which prevents that mod_plsql can really take use of a database connection pool, because each process has his own “dedicated” database session which can’t be shared across process bounders.

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Oracle APEX Page Template Position Preview

On Friday I had to do some work on an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application of a client which I did some time ago. I had to create a new region next to an existing region on a page which had already several other regions on it. Normally no big problem, you would just use the “Column” property of the region and you are done. To make it short, it didn’t work because of the layout of the template and the existing regions which are already using the “Column” property.

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Add Double Click to Oracle APEX Shuttle Widget

Do you want to improve the usability of the Oracle APEX Shuttle Widget a little bit?

Let’s enhance it by adding support for double click. It will allow users to double click on an entry in one of the two lists of the shuttle, to move the selected entry to the other list as they would normally do with the corresponding icons. I think that’s a little bit more convenient and faster than using the icons.

There comes the necessary code.
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Looking for BI Publisher information?

Since Oracle APEX 3.0 was released which integrated BI Publisher or XML Publisher as it was called before, this reporting tool is getting more and more interesting for Oracle APEX developers. At least if your company can afford the not so cheap license fees 😉

For the past few weeks I was following a new BI Publisher related blog and thought it’s really time to share the link with you. Have a look at The Amazing Adventures of BIPgirl with BI Publisher. 🙂

BTW, don’t forget about Tim Dexter’s Oracle BI Publisher blog.

ApexGen: A new Oracle APEX related open source project!

Morten Braten just released this first Alpha Version of this new project called ApexGen – The Oracle APEX Generator. From the project description:

ApexGen is a utility to generate Oracle Application Express (Apex) pages and page components based on a PL/SQL API, in a fraction of the time it takes to manually create report and form pages.

I have downloaded the files and had a quick look at the documentation. Actually it’s a much nicer documentation than mine for the ApexLib Framework. Clean and very nice layout! To my rescue I can say that I already redid the layout for my Oracle APEX Builder Plugin project a few weeks ago, because I thought it needs better marketing. Just haven’t announced the new web-site yet. But back to the topic. 🙂
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