Reply to AMIS Query on APEX and ADF posting

I followed the postings around the AMIS Query on APEX and ADF which was held last Monday. Dimitri Gielis and Lucas Jellema have demonstrated the pros and cons for each development tool. Dimitri already blogged about his impressions some days ago and it was now Lucas time to write down some of this thoughts.

Some of his statements triggered me to write a reply 🙂 I like that about the blog world that you can easily reply to an article. I started writing and writing and noticed that it probably got to long for a comment, especially because I know that the AMIS blog software doesn’t support any formating (Guys you should really fix that!) so I decided to write a reply posting.

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Do we need a certification program for Oracle APEX?

Honestly I sometimes have mixed feelings about all this certification programs. You hear stories about the PL/SQL exam which asks questions about triggers, triggers and triggers. I’m not quite so sure if you really do that all the time as a PL/SQL developer. Or you hear stories about DBAs who have a certificate and get hired as senior DBAs but don’t know much about the database…

But I recognize that certifications are some kind of important in the HR/job hiring world to do some pre-filtering. As it looks like more in the USA then over here in Europe, but I notice it’s getting more common here too. But as a manager, who is also doing job interviews for our Oracle job offerings, it isn’t “the” criteria for me to hire someone. Real experience is what counts and most time you know that after a few questions.

So what’s this posting all about?

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"Comment out" an Oracle APEX Process, Validation, Branch, …

Sometimes during development there is the requirement to “Comment out” a Process, a Validation, … in an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application. To skip a step which doesn’t work anymore, or where a user says he doesn’t need that anymore but where you are sure that next week you are going to add it again…

In Oracle Forms that’s quite simple. You just have to rename the trigger to use underscores (eg. PRE-QUERY to PRE_QUERY) and the trigger doesn’t fire anymore. But how can you do that in Oracle APEX?

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More Oracle APEX blogs

I don’t know how this blogs could hide for such a long time from my Oracle Application Express (APEX) radar, but there are two new Oracle APEX blogs out there.

Paulo Vale has started his Oracle Apex Notebook blog back in September and Jason his APEXWONDER blog in October. So check them out and give them a warm welcome! Bloggers like comments in there blog! 🙂

Paul and Jason, welcome to the Oracle APEX blogger community and keep blogging!

You are running a big Oracle APEX application?

Then you should have a look at David Peake’s blog. He is the product manager for Oracle Application Express (APEX) and currently looking for big Oracle APEX applications or as he says it in his blog posting: The Bigger the Better!

We know that Oracle APEX scales well and can handle lot of concurrent users without requiring a lot of hardware. AskTom,, Oracle Metalink or the Oracle internal ARIA are good examples. But the more “real world” example they/we can reference if someone doubts the scalability or if it can be used for “missing critical” applications, the better!

Check also out his posting about the access statistics and hardware used for

Survey: XML in the database

Note: The following article is in German, because the referenced blog is written in German.

Der Carsten Czarski, auch bekannt für seine tolle Arbeit auf den Seiten der deutschen Oracle APEX Community, macht gerade auf seinem Blog SQL und PL/SQL in Oracle eine Umfrage zum Thema “XML in der Datenbank“. Vielleicht schaut Ihr ja schnell mal vorbei und macht mit!

Übrigens, sein Blog enthält immer wieder tolle Postings. Sehr lesenswert!