Integrating Oracle APEX with PayPal Payments Pro

The Oracle APEX team has just published a white paper about Integrating Oracle Application Express with PayPal Payments Pro. They have also created a packaged application which you can use to immediately start of.

Good job Jason! There have been several postings on the OTN forum where people have been looking for such an how-to to integrate PayPal into there application.

Für Kurzentschlossene: Oracle APEX "Roundtable" mit Mike Hichwa

In German, because it’s a local event.

Für alle Kurzentschlossenen, Oracle veranstaltet am 20.09.2007 in Hamburg einen

Oracle APEX “Rountable” Talk mit dem Gründer und “Godfather” Mike Hichwa

Aus der Mail von Oracle:

Die Idee ist, über Kundenprojekte und deren Wünsche und Ideen konkret zu diskutieren.Wünschenswert wäre es, wenn Sie eines Ihrer APEX Projekte kurz vorstellen könnten und evtl. erläutern, an welchen Stellen Sie sich noch “Verbesserungen” wünschen. Dazu bräuchten wir vorab allerdings einen kurzen “Abstract”, vielleicht 2-3 Screenshots und eine kurze Beschreibung der Anwendung; bitte senden Sie diese an edith.wild (at) oracle dot com

Natürlich sind Sie auch “ohne konkretes Projekt” willkommen und herzlich eingeladen mit zu diskutieren.

Weitere Details und das Anmeldeformular.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.0 – Preview Video

Just read that Carl Backstrom has made his video public, which is showing on of the “WOW” features of the upcoming Oracle APEX 4.0 release. The video was first shown at the “First Oracle APEX Training Days” by APEX Evangelists. Side note: Dimitri Gielis and John Scott blogged about there experience doing this training. Check out there blogs. Good job guys!

But back to the video, check out Carl’s posting APEX 4.0 Preview (aka Video Killed the Radio Star) to see him in “action”! 🙂

I would suggest to get the higher definition version, so that you can see the real beauty of the new feature. BTW, you have to get the VCL player as Carl has written, because the video is coded with the Theora coded which Windows Media Player and QuickTime can’t decode.

And now just a few screen captures as teaser… Continue reading

What is the foundation of Oracle Application Express (APEX)?

You are correct, it’s PL/SQL! I’m sure you knew that 😉

So that means every improvement which is done for PL/SQL is good for us Oracle APEX developers, like the function result cache, the continue statement and much more which have been introduced in Oracle 11g.

Did you know that there is a new initiative by Steven Feuerstein and the Apex Evangelists guys to bring new enhancement requests to the attention of the Oracle PL/SQL product management?

Check out the new “I love PL/SQL, and …” web-site and help to improve PL/SQL!

Checking if a Page Item has been rendered or not

Did you ever have had the requirement that a validation should only fire if the page item has been rendered (eg. if you have defined a condition or authorization)?

As long as you set the “Associated Item” property in the validation to the page item you want to check, you are fine. Oracle Application Express (APEX) will do the check for you and only fire the validation if it’s there. BTW, I didn’t know that – really nice! 🙂 But if you create a page level validation it’s up to you to determine if the item is there or not.

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Adding a CAPTCHA to your Oracle APEX application

Haven’t had the requirement to add one in my applications until now, but after reading Dan’s posting about integrating reCAPTCHA with Oracle SSO, I thought that shouldn’t be to hard to integrate into an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application too! A nice challenge for the evening 😉

Update on 08-Nov-2011: This is now also available as an easy to use item type plug-in for Oracle APEX 4.0. Have a look at the Google reCaptcha plug-in at

I know that there are some similar solutions out there on the OTN forum and on the unOfficial Wiki page, but the SVG solution isn’t very secure in my opinion and the other solution uses an unsupported non-public package of Oracle APEX. So how can we integrate the reCAPTCHA widget instead?

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Another blogger from the Oracle APEX team!

I want to welcome David Peake, the product manager for Oracle Application Express (APEX) in the Oracle APEX blogging community. A quote from David

My intention is to use this Blog to inform people on new things happening within APEX. One of my other reasons for starting the blog is because there are times when I need to get things from the Community as well.

And he immediately started to request things from the community :-). He wants to build a new section on the OTN Oracle APEX Page with a showcase of Internet applications built using APEX.

Check out his blog and give him a nice welcome!

David, looking forward to see you at OOW in SF!