and Password security

I have forgotten my password for my account, but lucky me most of this web-sites have a “Forgot password?” link as DZone has. So I clicked the link, entered my username and a second later I got a mail from DZone.

But the content really surprised me. Nowadays you would expect and especially from such big Web 2.0 web sites that password security is one of there top security priorities.

But look at he mail I got:

You or someone on has requested a mail containing your password.

Username: xxxx
Password: here_is_my_password_in_clear_text

You can login to at:

If you did not request this password email, please disregard it.

They are sending you the current password in clear text!!!

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Oracle 11g: Native Web Services

Just stumbled across an interesting paragraph in the New Features in Oracle XML DB for Oracle Database 11g Release 1 about Database Native Web Services.

The feature didn’t get that much attention yet on the Oracle 11g related blog postings, but according to the description it’s a real nice improvement compared to the 10g solution.

So what is it all about?

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Oracle 11g some more infos

Just noticed that Oracle has put some more information about Oracle 11g onto OTN.

There are a lot of whitepapers available on OTN. For example the Oracle Database 11g New Features Overview which even mentions Oracle APEX! Ok, they mention it on the last page, but at least! 🙂

Another interesting read is Oracle Database 11g Application Development which gives an interesting overview of the new PL/SQL enhancements in Oracle 11g like
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Just read on Rob Smyth’s Blog that Oracle’s platform won the Merrill Lynch “Investing in Young People” award!

But what does this have to do with Oracle APEX?

A lot!! Because is developed with Oracle APEX!!! And according to Rob it serves 7,393 schools and 643,003 pupils!

So congratulation to the team which developed and runs, because it’s a good example that Oracle APEX can not just be used for small department level applications!

Enable "Add picture" for the HTML editor

The new HTML editor widget which was introduced in Oracle APEX 3.0 is a big enhancement compared to the old one in APEX 2.x and it works with all browsers.

The HTML editor is based on the open source editor FCKeditor. A few features have been removed, because they would require some server side code. One of them is to include images into the entered text.

But Carsten Czarski from the German APEX Community comes to our rescue!

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How to run Javascript code for a PPR Report?

Maybe you have already used a PPR (Partial Page Rendering) report, by setting the “Report Template” property to “template: 7. Standard (PPR)”.

That’s quite a nice feature, because not the hole page is rendered when you are paginating through the report, just the report itself is refreshed with an AJAX call. But what happens if you want to run some Javascript code after the report content has been refreshed? For example to hide the “Select All” checkbox of the row selector.

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