Some interesting postings

In the past few weeks there have been a few interesting APEX related postings I want to share with you.

Have fun reading them!

Ever heard of RSS?

I’m sure you have already heard about RSS. But are you actually using it?

I have talked to different people who are regularly reading blogs, but which are not using a RSS reader like Google Reader, the built-in readers of Firefox and Internet Explorer or some other web-based or stand alone readers.

Such a reader can make your life so much easier, because instead of regularly visiting all the blogs manually (and most blogs don’t have any new postings anyway) – so you are pulling the information – RSS will pushes new articles to your RSS reader. You don’t miss any new article and get instantly informed if there is something new.

That’s a real time safer!

Recently I came across a nice video explaining what’s behind RSS and a RSS reader. The video is available in English and German.

So don’t waste time anymore and sign up for a free RSS reader, for example Google Reader and subscribe to my blog or if you don’t want to use a RSS reader just enter your e-mail address to be informed when something new is going on! 🙂

Back in Town

I’m back home and finally found the time to do a short “Hallo” posting.

After a week without a computer, ok Dimitri shared his sometimes so that I could have a quick look at my e-mails, I must say I didn’t miss it to much. Looks like that I’m not that much addicted from my computer as some thought 😉

I even was not sure if I ever come back to Vienna, because my flight from Daytona Beach to Atlanta was really overbooked (about 5 seats) and until the last minute it was not clear if there are enough volunteers who trade there seat. Continue reading

Heading to ODTUG

It’s now also time to leave and go to the airport. My plain is leaving around 12:00. Fortunately I don’t have to wait that long in Atlanta for my connection flight as Dimitri had to do. “Just” 3 1/2 hours…

I will probably not blog that much, because I don’t have a notebook with me. Unless Dimitri shares his with me 🙂 But I’m sure on his blog you will find some impressions of the ODTUG conference.

See you there!

Oracle SQL Developer 1.2 released

Maybe you have already read somewhere else that Oracle SQL Developer 1.2 has been released. Maybe you have also read in one of my previous postings that PL/SQL Developer is my favorite development IDE.

But why could SQL Developer still be interesting if you are an Oracle APEX developer and are using another IDE?

Because the new release 1.2 has some interesting features, especially for Oracle APEX developers.

Give it a try and check it out.