My first public Oracle APEX presentation

Today I had my first public presentation about an Oracle APEX topic. I was doing a presentation about “The Power of the Oracle APEX Repository” at the SIG (Special Interest Group) workshop of DOAG in Kassel, Germany.

The motto of the workshop was “Oracle APEX for Advanced” and because of the overwhelming interest by presenters and participants, DOAG organized a XXL workshop with 8 presentations! So it was a full day packed with lot of interesting stuff.

And it looks like that people are really interested in some more advanced Oracle APEX topics, because 95 people attended the very well organized meeting!

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Oracle APEX Builder Plugin available for Internet Explorer

The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is now also available for Internet Explorer!

For a long time I was looking for a Greasemonkey like add-on for Internet Explorer. I found several of them, like Greasemonkey for IE, Trixie or Turnabout. But the drawback of all of them is that they are not maintained anymore. In most cases development stopped already more than a year ago and the homepages do not mention if they work with Internet Explorer 7 or not.

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Oracle APEX related articles you should read

Lately a few Oracle APEX related articles have been published which you should read.

Pimp your Oracle APEX Builder

The disadvantage of the new “Web-World” is that most web pages/applications are not really usable with the keyboard. There are no keyboard shortcuts to trigger different actions like saving the changes, … You always have to use the mouse for that, from a usability point of view that’s not good 🙁

The Oracle APEX development environment is also written in APEX and runs therefor in the browser. By default there are no keyboard shortcuts to “Apply Changes”, “Run the page”, … But here comes the rescue of you productivity and usability! 🙂

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