Auto Refresh Flash Charts in APEX 3.0

Have you already used the new Flash Charts in Oracle APEX 3.0?

As for SVG charts you can set them to Auto Refresh after x seconds. But it looks like that a small nice feature of the SVG charts is missing for the Flash charts. It doesn’t automatically show when the last refresh occurred.

But how can we add that?

At the first look it doesn’t seem to be that easy, because no full page refresh occurs, just the Flash chart is updated with an AJAX call.

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You haven’t been at Collab07 in Las Vegas?

Then you may want to check out Dimitri’s, John’s and Mark’s postings about there impressions of this conference.

Thanks guys, was really interesting to read!

ApexLib and HTMLDB 1.6 – does it work?

According to Richard, a Scottish ApexLib user it does!

He has successfully integrated the ApexLib Framework into a HTMLDB 1.6 application. To get it running you have to follow the APEX 2.0 installation steps.

I have no plans to “officially” support HTMLDB 1.6, because I don’t have such an environment and 4 different APEX versions are already enough, but it’s great to hear that it works with such an old version, too!

DOAG is hosting a SIG meeting about "APEX for advanced"

The German Oracle Usergroup (DOAG) is hosting a SIG meeting with the topic “APEX for advanced”. It will be held on the 31. May in Kassel. See the agenda for more details.

*drum roll*
I will do my first APEX presentation here!
*drum roll*

The title of the presentation will be

“The power of the APEX Repository”


There are a lot of other interesting presentations, maybe I see you there!

Some side note to a person I know: Hopefully I don’t wait as long as you did to put the presentation together đŸ™‚

Useful Oracle APEX tools

Did you know that the Oracle APEX distribution contains some nice little tools?

The command line export tool is probably well known, John Scott blogged about it some time ago.

But did you know that there are two additional scripts which can get handy sometimes?

  • apxxepwd.sql in the root directory. This script can be used to set the password for the ADMIN user of APEX. Just in case if you don’t remember it anymore. Jornica, thanks for the tip!
  • \utilities\reset_image_prefix.sql to change the image prefix path for an existing APEX installation.

Potential problem with ApexLib 1.6 and Popup Lovs

If you are using ApexLib 1.6 with Internet Explorer you may encounter a problem with Popup Lovs when you select a value. The value is set in the calling page but the Lov Popup isn’t closed, instead a JavaScript error is displayed.

Note: This error only occurs if you have included the ApexLib_Lov.js file into your “Popup Lov Template” as described in Chapter 3.12 of the How To Integrate.

Use the following new version of ApexLib_Lov.js to fix that problem.

Are you already using the Caching feature of Oracle APEX 3.0?

In case if you don’t read the Oracle APEX OTN forum all the time. Recently there was an interesting thread about the new Page/Region Caching feature of Oracle APEX 3.0

The thread contains some insides from the APEX developers how to use this new feature. The provided information will help you to have a smooth start.

Check it out V3 Caching – any more info? for more details.