Slightly different behavior of $x in Oracle APEX 3.0

Just noticed a slightly different behavior of $x in Oracle APEX 3.0.

Probably many of you just use it to pass the id-string of an element (eg. $x(“P4_TEST”)) to this function to get the object of this field/div/… id, but you can also call it with an object and in that case the function will just return the object which has been passed in.

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Three new interesting postings

If you haven’t subscribed to all Oracle APEX blogs which are out there, I want to bring your attention to the following three postings which I think are of general interest.

Just to keep you updated 🙂

New Oracle APEX 3.0 online on!

My guessing that the longer maintenance window is used to install the new Oracle APEX 3.0 on was not so wrong 🙂

When you logon now, you will see that they have installed on the regular trial environment and I’m sure the download will follow in the next days.

Congratulation to the APEX development team for the great job!!!

Seamless integration of ApexLib into the APEX Builder IDE

One of the “drawbacks” of using the ApexLib Framework is, that you have to remember all the “ApexLib Hints” which you have to use to configure the runtime behavior of the framework.

Ok, after some time you are getting used to them, but still, wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to set this properties as you do it for the APEX properties?

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Oracle APEX 3.0 released in the coming week?

Is the coming week the release date for the upcoming Oracle APEX 3.0?

If you go to you will see the following message

Quite a long “maintenance” window, isn’t it? If you combine that with the recent developer comments in the APEX 3.0 feedback application, someone could guess that they are applying the new release to during that maintenance window…

But hey, it’s just a guess 🙂 What do you think, will we see it next week?