Incomplete/Broken HTML output

A few days ago an ApexLib user from Norway contacted me and told me that the framework doesn’t work and he is getting JavaScript errors.

I looked at the provided HTML output and I was scratching my head, because the output looked really strange and I couldn’t really come of with a good reason why the JavaScript code was broken. Another wired thing was that it worked sometimes for the page and sometimes not, the error was depending on the data which was displayed! Continue reading

Denes has released an unwrapped version of his Flash Charting solution

sexy_chartingSome time ago I blogged about replacing the SVG APEX charting with a Flash charting solution which is more “sexy” than the SVG charts.

The drawback of the solution was that the package which you had to use was wrapped. But the good news is that Denes Kubicek has just released an

Unwrapped version of the package.

So get it and try it out. Details and questions can be asked in the related OTN forum thread.

Denes, keep up the good work! We need more out-of-the-box APEX open source solutions!

Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 3

On Wednesday I released the first version of the APEX Builder Plugin, on Thursday I added a small enhancement, but on Friday I had an idea how to really increase the productivity of the Oracle APEX IDE.

People who know me, know that I’m restless and just think about that as long as I haven’t implemented it. 🙂 So I spend some hours of my weekend to enhance my APEX Builder Plugin.

So what excited me that much that I spend another weekend doing some programming?

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Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 2

Just updated the APEX Builder Plugin for Greasemonkey to version 1.1

Are you also setting “Export Comments” to YES each time when you export your Oracle APEX application, because you don’t want to loose your developer comments in the case you have to restore from a previous export. How often have you forgotten and have been lucky that you didn’t have to restore?

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ApexLib release 1.03 available

Did some bug fixing for the ApexLib Framework.

This release also solves the problem of navigable Date Picker/Lov icons when using Firefox. The framework now removes the “a href” of the icon from the DOM tree and assign the action of the link as onclick event to the icon. So no navigation problem with any browser anymore.

Does anybody use the framework with a pre-APEX 2.2 version and wants to have the non-navigable Date Picker/Lov icon feature? Because there is a pending bug for that which I only will implement if there is a demand for it.

The following other bugs have been fixed in this new release:

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