Using Google Account for APEX authentication

Google AccountRead a very interesting posting on Przemek Piotrowski blog about using the Google Account credentials for an APEX application login.

The method described uses the Google Account Client Login API for verifying the user.

More details at Application Express user authentication using Google Account.

I think that’s a good example of the flexibility of APEX to adapt to the different needs of an application.

UKOUG is looking for input for a special event dedicated to APEX

Jonathan Lewis just posted an announcement on this blog, that the UKOUG is thinking about a special event (one-day) dedicated to APEX.

They are looking for ideas from the user community about whether this would be a useful event, what sort of things they would like to hear about, the type of event they would want, and the degree of support.

Check out his posting UKOUG – Apex and give him some feedback!!!

Accessing Tabular Form cell with JavaScript

Today there was a thread on the OTN forum about how to access a Tabular Form cell with JavaScript and I thought it might be of general interest.


You have a Tabular Form with 3 columns (Amount, Tax, Total) and want to populate the Total column with the sum of Amount and Tax as soon as Tax has been entered.


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Tabular Form alignment with page items

There was a question on the OTN forum about alignment of page items which should look like a tabular form. I thought it might be of general interest, so I created a short posting about it.

As you can see from the posting, the person asking tried several different settings, but got gaps between the fields or they where not aligned as desired.

There is a trick to avoid this gaps, use the following settings: Continue reading