An interesting technique to get attention…

Tom Kyte just called my attention to the following posting.

I like the idea. My teachers should have used that technique in my school time, too!

I will not start to include lies into my blog postings :-), but I also like the conclusion of the posting.

  • “Experts” can be wrong, and say things that sound right – so build a habit of evaluating new information and checksum it against things you already accept as fact.
  • If you see something wrong, take the initiative to flag it as misinformation.

I don’t consider me an APEX expert, that’s why always crosscheck what you are reading in my blog and if you find some misinformation or doubts about what I write, please let me know! Discussions makes life much more interesting! 🙂

ApexLib: Some bugs fixed

Just have uploaded release v0.13 of the ApexLib Framework.

It contains the following bugfixes:

  • Bug# 1620834: ApexLib_Error: Attach a space after APEXLIB_TABFORM_ROW_PREFIX
  • Bug# 1619435: ApexLib_Error: field information should not be visible on error page
  • Bug# 1620953: ApexLib_TabForm: Error message for invalid format has wrong placeholders
  • Bug# 1620456: Views: Support Application Format Mask PICK_DATE_FORMAT_MASK

Files added/changed:

  • ApexLib_Error.pkb
  • ApexLib_TabForm.pkb
  • ApexLib_views_for_userschema.sql
  • ApexLib_views_for_flows_schema.sql

ApexLib Framework – How to Integrate

I thought it’s time to put all the steps which are required to integrate the ApexLib Framework from the different postings into one integrated instruction. Makes it much easier when you use the framework for the first time.

Read the newest version of the How To Install document on the project homepage.

Note: The above version shows the most current version of the document which may already contain steps for features which have not been released yet. When you integrate the Framework into your application, always use the version of the document which is provided in the zip-file!

Update: Hacking the APEX error page

Thanks to Andree who found an error in my description for the Hacking the APEX error page.

Seems that I screwed something up when I last updated the posting.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
ApexLib_handleErrorMessage("t7Messages", "t7Notification", "#6699cc", "#000000");

Should be

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
ApexLib_handleErrorPage("t7Messages", "t7Notification", "#6699cc", "#000000");

Thanks to Andree who informed me about that!

Speedup of cascading AJAX lovs

I have implemented a small improvement into my Generic solution for cascading lovs.

If you have a hierarchy of cascading lovs as I have it on my example page, the old version did an AJAX call for all cascading lovs and there cascading lovs, … each time a value was selected. But normally these calls will always result in an empty select list, because the value of the parent lov hasn’t been set yet.
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