17 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss ODTUG Kaleidoscope this year!

The agenda of the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 conference has just been released and it looks like that Oracle Application Express (APEX) has a massive presence at this conference.

On Sunday there is a full day symposium about The Seasoning of Application Express Must Hear Success Stories and during the conference there are counted 17 presentations regarding Oracle APEX.

I compiled a list of them and what I have read in the abstracts, they look really promising, but see for yourself.

  • Building the New Stuff: AJAX, JSON, and APEX 3.1 by Carl Backstrom
  • Advanced Oracle Application Express Tips and Techniques by Bradley Brown
  • APEX Cheat Sheet 3 by Karen Cannell
  • Creating Advanced Charts in Oracle Application Express by Dimitri Gielis
  • APEX Versus ADF by Dimitri Gielis and Peter Ebell
  • APEX Development: Watch It Live by Bill Holtzman
  • Creating Dynamite Applications that Deliver by Kathy Hunsicker
  • Explore and Benefit the APEX Repository by Michiel Jonkers
  • Go Global with Oracle Application Express! By Joel Kallman
  • Migrating from Access to Oracle Application Express by Josh Millinger
  • How to Hack an Oracle Application Express Application by Anton Nielsen
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX) Version 3.1 by David Peake
  • Application Express in Support of Institutional Strategic Planning by Tanya Podchiyska
  • APEX Hints, Tips and Best Practices by John Scott
  • You Can’t Do THAT in a Browser! Extending Oracle APEX with Third Party Components by Scott Spendolini
  • Use the Power of APEX Dictionary Views to Increase the Quality of Your APEX Applications by Karen Van Hellemont and Jan Huyzentruyt
  • Increase Your Oracle APEX Development Productivity with Open Source Tools by Patrick Wolf
  • Application Express from a Forms Developer’s Perspective by Andrew Woodward

Check out the agenda for more details.

Two of the presentations deal with the Oracle APEX Repository and I’m looking forward what they are coming up with, because I’m heavily using it in the ApexLib Framework and did myself a presentation last year in Germany covering that topic.

If you are interested in Oracle APEX, then you shouldn’t miss this conference! And by the way, it’s in New Orleans…